Best Kubernetes books for beginners

After reading a lot of books in my Kubernetes journey, I give my personal ranking.

Best book for absolute beginners

If you’re an absolute beginner, look no further than this book. The Kubernetes book is extremely clear and starts with a broad overview of the whole Kubernetes system. It covers a decent amount of materials (~250 pages), I can confirm that it’s the best starting point, but it won’t take you far. A plus is that it’s updated every year (Amazon, Leanpub).

Best book for learners by doing

This book follows the approach of learning by doing, since each chapter ends with a series of exercises, additional free material is available here Kubernetes Course Labs. It covers a lot of topics (~600 pages) and has some nice extras at the end (Manning, Amazon).

Best book for learners by topic (and as reference)

This is a heavy book with lots of content where each chapter is deeply focused on a singular topic. I would say it follows a bottom up approach, explaining a small piece after the other until it offers a broad view in the middle of the book. It covers a huge amount of topics, unfortunately the first edition is outdated, but the second and improved edition should be published in spring 2023. I recommend it as reference together with the Kubernetes documentation (Manning).



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